A Cstv. 63 / B. § (1) call

We would like to inform you that if due to the deficiencies of the bookkeeping and records the liquidation procedure cannot be carried out according to the general rules, or the debtor's assets are not sufficient to cover the liquidation costs, the liquidator is required by Act XLIX of 1991. (Bankruptcy Act) 63 / B. § to initiate the liquidation proceedings in a simplified manner before the General Court. Under applicable law, the liquidator is also required to publish a notice on its website that, if anyone has creditworthy knowledge of the debtor's real estate or other assets (including claims and property rights), they must be notified within 15 days.

In the light of the above, we inform you that the liquidator intends to apply to the competent General Court for a simplified liquidation in the following case (s).