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General sales information

Section 49 (1) of the Cstv The liquidator shall publicly sell the debtor's assets at the highest price available. The liquidator makes the sale by tender or auction.

§ 49 (3) of the Cstv. the close relatives of such persons and the business entity of the majority of those persons may not acquire ownership or any other right in property.

Section 49 (3b) of the Cstv In the course of a sale, except for the exercise of the right of pre-emption based on law, no person or organization may acquire property who is the sole or majority owner of the debtor or an economic organization which together with the debtor member of a recognized or effective group of companies.

Section 49 (4) of the Cstv The party acquiring the right of ownership or other property value may not set off against the debtor in a public sale, except if a residential property is sold as the debtor's property, the consideration for which has been partially or fully settled by the buyer, but the transfer of ownership did not take place before the order for liquidation was ordered.